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December 5, 2016   


  • Use Swan Bitcoin to onramp with automatic daily cost averaging and get $10 in BTC.
  • Join Celsius Network - “unbank yourself”. Earn interest on your crypto.You get $50 after a $400 transfer that’s left in for 30 days. I get $50 too. Don’t forget to apply promo codes to get extra bonuses.
  • Nexo Crypto Currencies - Earn interest on your crypto. - For every friend who tops up $100 or more, we’ll reward both of you with $25 in BTC. Earn additional rewards from our $100,000 prize pool for Platinum users.
  • Comparison of Celsius and Nexo
  • Kingdom Trust Roth IRA - you can own Bitcoin and others in a Roth IRA! “When you refer a friend, they get $50 in bitcoin and you get $50 in bitcoin (up to $250)”
  • - I get $10, you get $10 . This is great for tracking prices across wallets
  • Coinbase - get your Bitcoin and Ethereum with Coinbase. “You will both get $10 of free Bitcoin when your friend buys or sells at least $100 of digital currency.”
  • Crypto StarName address - not a referral, but you could send me some coins :-)
  • Logojoy - I created and bought my logo from this site. It was super easy!


These are books I personally recommend often (there are more in the DevOps section below)

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