Improving Organizations Introduction and Table of Contents

December 23, 2021    Process DevOps Agile Improving Organizations Productivity

Improving Organizations Introduction

I’ve been writing about Improving Organizations a lot this year (2021). I’ve had a great opportunity on my current contract to observe challenges/constraints and help them move towards improving. I’ve been highly influenced by Gene Kim’s books and podcast, DevOps and DOES , Mik Kersten’s Project to Product , Better Value, Sooner Safer Happier . Experience and what I’ve learned from others at Omnitech and our clients have also shaped a lot of my thinking.

At DOES 2021, my thinking about DevOps was also influenced by the answer to “What is DevOps?”

“The best definition I’ve heard is the one coined by Jon Smart (author of Better Value, Safer Happier) that identifies the outcomes you want/get: Better. Value. Sooner. Safer. Happier. BVSSH” ~ Jeff Gallimore - CTO Excella

“Not something you can predefine, it is more about the journey” ~Thomas Jachman

“I love Jon Smart’s definition — can’t imagine a better way to characterize a better way of working!” ~ Gene Kim

Table of Contents

Here are links to my posts about Improving Organizations.

Improving Organizations Effect

Suggested Readings


Value Stream Mapping and Management (VSM)

Moving to a consistent flow of work to improve

Approaches we can take as developers and teams

Project to Product

Transitioning from TFVC to Git

Clean Architecture - the Software Way Presentation

Moving to Trunk Based Development and CI

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