Safe to Try Template

July 1, 2021    Development Productivity Improving Organizations

Safe to Try Template

In attempts to have self-organizing teams using “circles” , we’ve used “Safe To Tries” as a way to share ideas for improvements and use the Integrative Decision Making (IDM) process to decide on what to do.

We follow the scientific method for small, measurable experiments with identified risk to improve our system and work.

Here is a template we’ve used successfully (one example is our Transition from TVC to Git ).



The Experiment (summary)


Anticipated Improvements

Performing the Experiment





Resources Needed


(Express conditions (if any) - what else must be true for this to have a chance of success?) - delete

Next Steps (if consented)

(report back on {Date}, what did we learn)

Results of the IDM

Results - What did we learn?

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