Clean Architecture Example

October 25, 2023    Architecture Development DotNet

Clean Architecture Example

We do a lot of lunch and learns at Omnitech . It’s a great time to connect and learn from each other. We’ve read Clean Architecture by Bob Martin twice now at Omnitech. Those helped me form my opinions that I shared in my NE Code 2023 presentation.

Dakota is a smart developer and talented teacher. He took an hour to refactor a simple code base from “normal” lacking architecture to code that was “clean” and used the nomenclature of Clean Code. It was the first time I’ve seen concrete code map exactally to the terms used in the Clean Architecture book. Usually I’ve called them other things like *Service, *Repository, *Manager. This was so well done, that I asked if I could share his code (he agreed).

Clean Architecture

Digram from Uncle Bob on Clean Architecture

I recommend reading the readme in Dakota’s Github and looking at the code to see how he implemented it.

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